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Top 6 Effective Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Oral Cancer

What comes to mind when you consider someone with excellent dental health? You likely believe that person doesn’t have any cavities, gum disease, or damaged teeth.

However, having excellent oral health goes beyond simply being free of cavities and gum disease; it also likely indicates they have a lower risk of acquiring oral cancer. When it comes to oral cancer, prevention is essential!

Here are six suggestions for keeping your mouth healthy and lowering your risk of oral cancer.

#1. Maintain good oral hygiene

Maintain good dental hygiene habits—we’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it. Brush and floss your teeth at least 2x a day, and go to the dentist for a thorough cleaning every six months.

#2. Avoid using tobacco

This one should be evident. We know how challenging it is to stop smoking for those of you who do. But here’s the thing: smoking-related illnesses claim the lives of four million people each year around the globe.

It is a serious issue and one of the leading causes of oral cancer. Smoking increases the risk of cancer for everyone in your close vicinity, including your pets, which should serve as another motivation to stop.

#3. Limit your alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption is one of the significant risk factors for oral cancer and may raise your risk of developing mouth cancer.

Smoking heavily increases your risk of developing oral cancer linked to your cheeks and the inside surface of your lips. Smokers and drinkers run a higher chance of developing cancer.

#4. Consume a nutritious diet

Although research on specific diets and cancer risk has produced conflicting findings, most experts concur that an improper diet can result in poor general health and obesity, both recognised risk factors.

In general, diets low in red and processed meats and high in vegetables, whole grains and fruits have been associated with reduced cancer incidence.

#5. Examine your mouth and lips regularly for any irregularities

It only takes a moment and can help with early detection, so think about doing it frequently.

Examine your mouth thoroughly, paying particular attention to the tongue, sides, and rear. Call your dentist immediately if you see any significant alterations, like lumps or discoloured patches.

#6. Visit your dentist regularly

Regular dental check-ups allow your Cardiff dentist to spot potential issues and take care of them before they become serious, which not only helps you keep your gorgeous smile.

Ask your dentist to check for oral cancer the next time you visit.

Knowing your risk factors is essential for developing a strategy to lower them. If you know your risk factors, you have won half the battle.

Your chances of developing oral cancer are higher if you previously had head or neck cancer.

Smoking, drinking, eating poorly, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and having a family history are common risk factors. More than three drinks of alcohol daily may raise your risk of mouth cancer.

Chewing tobacco is the leading cause of oral cancer, and smoking tobacco is equally dangerous. Alcohol and cigarette use in excess account for about 90% of mouth cancer cases.

Oral cancer risk can increase when lips are exposed to ultraviolet rays regularly. Cancer risk is also enriched with age.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that men are more likely than women to get oral cancer.

Therefore, remember that early intervention is the best possibility for successful disease identification, diagnosis, and treatment.

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