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A Perfect Smile For Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Valentine’s Day

Most of us remember our first kiss. The awkwardness, the uncertainty… and the thrill!

But no one wants to kiss a mouth that has bad breath or dingy, stained teeth.

In addition, Valentine’s Day is here – a day of love and smiles, and everyone wants to have an attractive smile on this day.

This is one reason why it is important to have had good oral health habits and an attractive smile – so you can show it to the world and your loved ones.

Because it is time for Valentine’s Day, at Cardiff Dental we though sharing some social dental health info might help make for some better kisses this evening.

“Regular” Tooth Care for Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t matter who you kiss on Valentine’s Day. It could be your 5-year old, your spouse, or your significant other. But on Valentine’s Day, no one wants to kiss or be kissed by anyone with bad oral hygiene.

In fact, it’s not just about Valentine’s Day. You should always keep your mouth healthy and attractive by brushing at least twice a day, for at least two minutes with toothpaste containing fluoride. Also, floss at least once daily.

Another tip is to decrease the amount of sugary and acidic food and drinks you consume. These foods include candy (and there is lots of that available around Valentine’s Day!), sodas, and sports drinks.

Instead, eat a well-balanced diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and fibre.

And if you feel the need for gum or a mint to freshen your breath, be sure to select products with xylitol, as it reduces your odds of getting cavities (tooth decay).

Also drink plenty of water (preferably fluoridated), as dry mouth is one of the key causes of halitosis (bad breath).

Finally, be sure to visit Cardiff Dental at least twice a year for a check-up and cleaning!

Whiten Those Teeth!

Despite the fact that healthy teeth are very hard, the enamel consists of microscopic pores that lose their colour over time – it’s a natural result of aging.

Other common causes of discoloured teeth include smoking, chewing tobacco or even from the food that we eat and drink. Teeth whitening can reverse some of this staining and restore our teeth to pearly white.

Teeth whitening comes in two flavours, at-home and in-office whitening. At-home teeth whitening is a tray-based tooth bleaching technique using a plastic tray filled with a bleaching gel that is spread over a person’s teeth.

At-home whitening requires wearing the tray for long periods of time, across several weeks.

The quicker and more effective techniques of dental teeth whitening are generally carried out by a professional dentist at their office.

You can almost literally have a new smile in as little as one visit.

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