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Toothpaste The Complete Guide cardiff dentist

When you visit the local grocery or drugstore to buy toothpaste, you probably notice that there are dozens of toothpaste options to consider, but you may not know which is the right one for you?

In this post, your friends at Cardiff Dental are going to break down some of your toothpaste options, explain the differences, and discuss how each toothpaste can benefit certain people.

Fantastic Fluoride

At Cardiff Dental our first recommendation is almost always that your toothpaste should contain fluoride. Fluoride has been called one of the “Top Ten Greatest Achievements of the 20th Century,” and is normally a MUST HAVE in your toothpaste.

Tooth enamel is hard yet porous. Plaque on the surface of your teeth can produce acids that seep into the pores (rods) of the enamel and break down its internal structure. This process, called demineralization, can create a weak spot in the tooth that may become a cavity if left untreated.

Decay often begins on biting surfaces, between the teeth, on exposed roots and around existing fillings. Untreated, decay spreads into the tooth, may infect the pulp and can destroy the tooth structure. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by slowing the breakdown of enamel and increasing the rate of the remineralisation process. The new enamel crystals that form are harder, larger and more resistant to acid.

Stained or Yellow Teeth
If your teeth are yellowing or have stain, whitening toothpaste is a good place to start. Typically, whitening toothpaste do not contain bleach, instead mild abrasives and chemicals polish and remove stains. These toothpastes are not, however, as effective as in-office, and take-home whitening treatments that you can get from Cardiff Dental, so if whiter teeth are your goal, you might want to consider those options.

Tartar Control Toothpastes
We all experience plaque build-up after eating. Over time, however, this bacteria-filled layer can harden into tartar deposits, which are difficult to remove. While your dentist can remove tartar deposits during a regular cleaning, you can control the build up and avoid gum and gum-line cavities. These types of toothpastes can also help control bad breath. Look for a toothpaste that contains fluoride, though pyrophosphates and zinc citrate are also common.

Tooth Sensitivity Toothpaste

If you experience tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking, toothpaste for sensitive teeth might be ideal for helping relieve and lessen the sensitivity. These toothpastes contain less abrasive ingredients to cut down on sensitivity.  The key ingredient in sensitivity toothpastes acts as a physical block that remains on your teeth to fill the tubules that lead to the nerve endings that contribute to sensitivity.  These sensitivity toothpastes work best when used regularly.

Children’s Toothpaste

Since children can be picky about tastes and parents selective about what goes into their child’s mouth, choosing a toothpaste can be a daunting task! When your little one reveals their first few teeth and its time to choose a toothpaste, how do you pick the best one to care for your child’s smile?

Choose an age appropriate toothpaste!

When your child’s first tooth appears, its time to find toothpaste! A good place to start would be in the children’s section of the oral care aisle. Children’s toothpaste is formulated with ingredients appropriate for young teeth and gums, unlike adult toothpaste with unnecessary whitening agents and often too harsh abrasives for kids. Still, there are many options! We recommend using just a smear of toothpaste until 3 years of age, and a pea-size amount for older children.

Toothpaste and flavour

Flavor is not a dental health concern, but sampling a few toothpastes is worth the effort of finding a flavor that will make your entire family happy to have their teeth brushed! Everyone should enjoy the taste of their sugar-free toothpaste, as this can lead to more efficient brushing and better dental hygiene.

Talking it Over with Cardiff Dental

Our helpful staff is happy to consult with you to be certain you are using the proper toothpaste for any dental condition you might have. In fact, we’re always happy to talk to you about any dental issues you might have. We are only a phone-call away!

If you believe any aspects of your smile could use improvement, the friendly staff at Cardiff Dental are here to discuss it with you. We will sit in consultation with you, discuss your issues and goals, and make recommendations of everything from the best toothpaste for you to the possibility of creating a completely new smile for you!

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