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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Custom Mouthguards for Active Play

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Dental Video, Mouthguards

Wearing mouthguards while participating in a contact sport may provide several benefits. Mouthguards are so important that the Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends that all athletes in contact sports wear them.

Here are the top reasons you should start using a mouthguard while playing.

#1. Prevent concussions

A concussion is traumatic brain damage that can result in headaches, memory loss, poor balance, and coordination issues. These injuries are a serious concern, especially in contact sports.

However, custom mouthguards offer more than just dental protection; they can also help lower the risk of concussions.

Custom mouthguards absorb and disperse impact forces by providing additional cushioning and support around the jaw and skull, reducing the likelihood of traumatic brain injuries.

Therefore, investing in a custom mouthguard is essential for dental health and overall well-being. It offers athletes crucial protection against the potentially severe consequences of concussions.

#2. Protect against tooth fractures

In contact sports, an object could hit your teeth, leading to potential breaks or fractures. The force of impact in such situations can be significant, posing a risk to the integrity of your teeth.

However, using a mouthguard can shield your teeth from this damage. Mouthguards serve as a protective barrier, absorbing and dispersing the impact force to reduce the likelihood of fractures or breaks.

By investing in a mouthguard, athletes can significantly lower the risk of experiencing such dental emergencies, sparing themselves from potential pain, discomfort, and costly dental procedures.

Protecting against tooth fractures ensures your dental health’s longevity and preserves your smile’s aesthetics, allowing you to participate in sports with confidence and peace of mind.

#3. Protects against soft tissue injuries

Mouthguards prevent cuts to the lips, tongue, and cheeks during high-contact sports. These injuries encompass a range of wounds, from minor cuts and bruises to more significant lacerations and tears in the soft tissues of the mouth.

By acting as a barrier between the teeth and delicate oral tissues, mouthguards help absorb the force of impact, reducing the likelihood and severity of such injuries.

Investing in a mouthguard is a proactive measure that safeguards oral health and prevents athletes from experiencing pain, discomfort, and potential complications associated with soft tissue injuries.

#4. Protect against tooth displacement

Mouthguards play a crucial role in distributing force evenly across all teeth, thereby preventing one or more teeth from bearing the brunt of a blow during high-contact activities.

By absorbing and dispersing the impact, mouthguards help reduce the risk of tooth displacement, which occurs when teeth are forcefully pushed out of their original position.

While minor tooth displacement may seem like a temporary inconvenience, if left untreated, it can lead to more serious dental issues, such as misalignment or tooth loss. Investing in a quality mouthguard safeguards against immediate dental emergencies and helps prevent long-term complications that may require extensive dental work.

By providing stability and support to the entire dental structure, mouthguards offer athletes peace of mind, knowing their smiles are protected against potential damage during sports activities.

#5. Help prevent neck and jaw injuries

Wearing custom mouthguards can help prevent jaw fractures, which can require surgery. When a blow to the head occurs, there is little room for flexibility, so a mouthguard can provide padding and prevent the jaw from shattering upon impact.

This not only reduces the immediate pain and risk of serious injury but also minimises the need for extensive surgical interventions to repair the damage.

Furthermore, mouthguards can protect against jaw fractures and help prevent neck and surrounding injuries. The cushioning effect of the mouthguard absorbs the force of impact, reducing the strain on the neck muscles and ligaments.

By providing this additional support and protection, custom mouthguards play a crucial role in safeguarding athletes from potentially debilitating neck injuries during high-contact sports activities.

Therefore, by incorporating custom mouthguards into their sports gear, athletes can take proactive measures to protect their smiles and oral health and reduce the risk of severe neck and jaw injuries.

Don’t let preventable accidents sideline you this footy season – prioritise your safety and well-being by wearing a custom mouthguard and confidently enjoy the game!

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