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How To Whiten Yellow Teeth in One Day

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Teeth Whitening

how to whiten yellow teeth in one day cardiff dental

​Your smile is often your most noticeable feature. Because it is one of the things that other people immediately notice about you, you are often quickly judged on your appearance. This is why yellow teeth are so unfortunate.

Imagine how your life might change if you had a bright, white smile to show the world instead of a dingy, yellow one!

At Cardiff Dental, we can help you achieve a whiter and more attractive smile!

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Z Extrinsic stains

The enamel on your teeth is the hard outer layer, where extrinsic stains are found. Enamel is still easily discoloured even though it is harder than bone.

Enamel can be stained by smoking, drinking coffee and tea, and chewing tobacco.

Teeth can also become stained by dark-coloured foods and drinks, such as colas, red wine, dark sauces, and some fruits, such as pomegranates, blueberries, and grapes. These products contain many chromogens, which are compounds that produce pigment and tend to adhere to dental enamel.

Acidic foods and drinks can exacerbate the situation by weakening tooth enamel and facilitating chromogen attacks on teeth.

Z Intrinsic stains

Intrinsic stains occur within the tooth.

Many medicines can cause intrinsic stains. Even fairly common drugs, such as antihistamines, Albuterol and blood pressure meds, can sometimes cause yellow teeth.

Excessive fluoride. Fluorosis, or excessive fluoride-induced tooth yellowing, is a concern, particularly in regions where drinking water is highly enriched with naturally occurring fluoride.

Surprisingly, dental materials can cause discolouration, particularly amalgam restorations (silver fillings).

Z Additional causes

Genetics can affect the colour of teeth. Some people are naturally more likely to have yellow colouring to their teeth due to naturally thin enamel, which lets the colour of your naturally yellowish dentin shine through.

Your enamel also thins as you age, making your teeth appear more yellow. This can also cause sensitive teeth.

Poor health can play a factor in tooth colour. Yellowing can result from high fevers at a young age. Severe neonatal jaundice, Sickle Cell Disease, and trauma can also cause yellowing and other abnormalities in teeth.

What Can be Done to Avoid or Treat Yellow Teeth?

Proper Dental Hygiene: Proper brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are essential.

Avoid Certain Foods/Drinks When Possible: We’re not asking you to give up your morning coffee; we’re just asking you to reduce your intake of staining foods.

Drink Water: After consuming a tooth-staining food or drink, immediately follow it with a glass of water. Swirling water around your mouth can help remove the acids or staining.

Treating Yellow Teeth at Cardiff Dental

The most commonly used teeth whitening procedures are professional home whitening systems and LED (in-chair) teeth whitening. At Cardiff Dental, our experienced cosmetic dentist will help you choose the method that will help you achieve the perfect shade of white.

Z Professional Home Whitening System

The whitening kit is simple to use and cost-effective. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and create moulds for your custom tray. The tray will hold the bleaching gel in your mouth. Your Cardiff dentist will provide instructions on properly wearing and using the tray.

You will need to wear the custom tray with whitening gel for only two hours per day. You can see the results in as little as one or two weeks.

Z LED Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening done at the office is carried out by our dental professional using an LED lamp. The process takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the degree of whiteness you wish to attain.

The LED teeth method is the safest and most effective way of whitening teeth. At Cardiff Dental, we only use a first-class LED lamp and the best teeth-whitening gel, which is safe and effective. We use gum protection to minimise sensitivity during and after the procedure.

You will be amazed at the results!

Teeth Whitening in Cardiff

At Cardiff Dental, we take great pride in treating our patients and keeping their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how we can transform your not-so-bright smile into a celebrity smile.

Contact us today at (02) 4954 6888 or book your appointment online and get a FREE Consultation for teeth whitening!

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