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Top 6 Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas for Holidays from Cardiff Dental

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Oral Hygiene

top 6 oral hygiene gift ideas for holidays from cardiff dental

Christmas is coming up fast, and if you’re uncertain what to get your loved one, a dental hygiene gift might be just right.

Dental hygiene based gifts are a practical gift, good for health, and something many people might not purchase for themselves.

While the idea of a list of dental hygiene related gifts might seem like a list that only a dental office could come up with, it very well could be what a health-conscious gift recipient would be thrilled by.

With that in mind, Cardiff Dental would like to take this seasonal chance to give you some suggestions about oral-health conscious gifts!

Cool dental hygiene focused gifts

#1. Electric toothbrushes and water flossers

These may be the most generally applicable gifts, and they are particularly good for the very young and the older.

Both tools make it easier to keep your teeth and mouth clean even if coordination or flexibility problems are present. And, as we all know, technology is cool!

#2. Buck Teeth Pacifier

This may sound a little weird, as though this pacifier will give your children buck teeth, but this isn’t the case.

In fact, buck teeth pacifiers are standard pacifiers that have enormous teeth (and sometimes even a moustache) on them, so they are fun and entertaining for your child.

#3. Trendy Trackers

From kids to grandparents, there’s a wellness tracker or app for every age, and this includes devices that can help remind you to brush teeth and ensure that you brush your teeth for the recommended period!

#4. Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sanitiser

We’d all like to think that our toothbrushes are germ-free before we put them in our mouths, but in fact microorganisms and bacteria can collect on your toothbrush in an alarmingly short time.

This is especially common if a toothbrush is not replaced regularly, and the bathroom, where we often keep our toothbrushes, can be a haven for germs.

Help keep your family members and friends healthy and germ-free with an ultraviolet toothbrush sanitiser.

These handy gadgets use UV light to kill the nasty critters that can hide a toothbrush.

#5. Tooth brushing toys

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends that parents begin to brush a child’s teeth as soon as they emerge, and continue to provide brushing support until children are old enough to use a toothbrush themselves.

Typically, by about age 7-8, a child should be brushing on their own, though still under the supervisions of someone older.

If you have children, grandchildren, nephews, or nieces who are learning how to brush their teeth, tooth-brushing toys can be a fun and effective way to help them.

These toys can be as simple as cuddly toys that hold their toothbrush for safekeeping or simple two-minute hourglass timers, and they can be as complicated and cool as interactive toys or apps that coach kids in the right way to brush their teeth.

#6. Dental stocking stuffers

Fill stockings with small oral hygiene tools like disclosing tablets, toothbrush holders, and colourful or flavourful toothpaste.

Stockings are perfect for different types of dental floss to consider as well including flavoured (there are many interesting flavours) or unflavoured, waxed or unwaxed, and wide or regular.

Holiday flavoured dental floss is available during the holiday season!

Here are some tips for food-based stocking stuffers that promote good dental and oral health for people of all ages!

  • Choose chocolate candy over sticky, hard, or chewy candies
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Delicious and colourful fruit
  • Sugar-free drinks
  • Nuts and pretzels can be excellent replacements for more fatty snack foods

Give yourself the present of reduced stress!

Stress is bad for your dental and overall health. To reduce your stress during the gift-giving season, consider the following approaches:

  • Begin shopping early and focus on non-peak hours.
  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it.
  • Make a list of who you need to buy for and what you will get them.
  • Shop around and compare prices.
  • Take with you only what you can afford to spend.
  • Get receipts for everything and keep them safe.
  • Shop the internet, from the comfort of your own home
  • Focus on eating and drinking healthy foods. This
  • will help your oral and general
  • health over the holidays

Finally, no matter how hectic life gets during the holiday seasons, remember to take care of your own dental health (and that of family and friends) by making and keeping routine dental appointments with Cardiff Dental.

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