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Dental Survival Tips For the Holiday Season

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Dental Article, Oral Health Tips, Preventative Dentistry

Dental Survival Tips For the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is here. It is the season of snacks, of sugar, and the possibility of tooth decay. Bad dietary choices, including food with too much sugar, can negatively affect your dental health. At Cardiff Dental we want you to enjoy the holidays without suffering an increase in dental problems.

To achieve good holiday dental health you don’t have to transform into the perfect health fanatic; instead, just try to make some measurable improvements over your past history. One way to do this is to monitor your intake of sweets and other sugary foods.
Remember, by keeping your teeth healthy, you will be giving yourself the best holiday gift of all!

The Risks of Sugar

Acid in the mouth is a major cause of cavities. When you eat sugar, natural bacteria in your mouth also eat some of the sugar. After bacteria consume sugar, they excrete acid. Acid is what causes dental problems. Acid demineralizes or decalcifies tooth enamel, which destroys its structure, and creates decay.

To enjoy the holiday season and still protect your teeth, Cardiff Dental offers some tips on how to take care of your oral health, and also your overall health.

Holiday Dental Strategies from Cardiff Dental

Breaking the rules doesn’t mean stopping

We all know that no one is perfect. Holiday strategies for dental health are good for you, but it is better to bend them a little than break them entirely. If you do “break the rules”, break them in a small way. And then start following them again!

Practice good flossing and brushing habits

Brush twice a day and floss before bed. Every morning. Every night. This should be your routine and brushing should take at least two minutes. Time yourself by singing, or with a manual timer. Electronic toothbrushes have handy timers built in.

Avoid sticky foods

Sugar is your enemy and its damage occurs when sugary coating remains on your teeth. Eating less sticky goodies, particularly if it is impossible to brush afterwards, reduces the risk of damage.

Foods like fudge, taffy, or sugar-filled drinks are sure to stick to your teeth, and should be substituted for.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

Drinking caffeine and alcohol can lead to giving in to sugar cravings. During the holidays control your intake of these drinks, because that can help you control your craving for sweets.

Carry your own dental supplies

Before you go out for the holidays buy some extra toothbrushes and min-tubes of toothpaste for your car, coat, or purse. Trial sized packages of mouthwash and dental floss are convenient to store and use, and they will help keep your dental hygiene strong!

Schedule a January Dental Visit in Cardiff

Please contact Cardiff Dental for a January appointment after the potential pitfalls of December. Small problems should be identified and cleaned up before they become serious. It’s much better to get things set right after the last of the seasonal partying to make certain the New Year will get started out with great dental health!

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