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Gum Health: Avoiding Swelling Or Bleeding Gums

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Dental Video

gum health avoiding swelling or bleeding gums

Some people think that a bit of blood when brushing and flossing is normal.

Wrong! Bleeding gums serve as an indicator of gum disease.

Gum disease poses a serious risk to dental and general health if not treated. Even if gums don’t bleed, they can be swollen and tender.

If you experience any bleeding or tenderness while brushing, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Cardiff Dental to address the underlying causes.

Causes Of Tender or Bleeding Gums

Plaque caused by bacteria is the direct cause of gingivitis, which leads to gum tenderness, swelling, and bleeding.

Good dental habits at home and regular checkups can partly control oral bacteria.

Many other issues can also play a part in making your gums more susceptible to gum disease:

  • One of the significant risk factors for gum disease is smoking or chewing tobacco. If you use tobacco products of any kind, ask your Cardiff dentist or hygienist how they may affect your gum health.
  • Anything that harms your immune system can lead to gingivitis.

If stressed, your body may struggle to fight illnesses like gum disease.

An infection-fighting body is deprived of vital nutrients by poor nutrition.

Long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer, and HIV further compromise the body’s capacity to fight infections.

  • When a woman is pregnant, menstruating, or going through menopause, her hormone levels can vary, making her gums more sensitive and prone to bleeding or irritation.
  • Many medicines can affect oral health, including gum health. Let your dentist or hygienist know if you take any prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

Treating Bleeding Gums

Thankfully, with prompt treatment, the early stages of gingivitis don’t have to progress to periodontitis.

The inflammation and irritation can easily be treated by preventing and removing plaque buildup.

Ensuring the health of your gums begins at home. Keep your entire body in good shape by eating well and reducing stress.

Remember to brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss at least once a day.

Finally, make sure your oral hygiene tools are new and effective, and practice good technique. These steps will substantially reduce your chances of tenderness and bleeding of the gums.

If symptoms of tenderness or bleeding do develop, visit Cardiff Dental.

Our dentist will clean and examine your teeth and then present you with treatment recommendations.

A thorough cleaning may serve as treatment. In more severe cases, deep-cleaning and root-planing may be required.

Make sure you keep your gums in great shape because periodontal surgery is sometimes required in serious cases!

Gum Health Tips

Maintaining excellent oral health is crucial to your overall oral health.

To prevent swollen, bleeding gums, follow these essential preventive measures:

  • Regular Brushing: Brush for two minutes twice a day. Use gentle strokes, focusing on the gum line and dental work like fillings or crowns. Soft-bristle toothbrushes are best.
  • Daily Flossing: Floss every night before bed. Slide it between teeth in a “C” shape, going up and down and under the gum line. Use fresh floss for each tooth to remove plaque and food debris.

These simple steps can help prevent gum problems and maintain oral health.

Swollen or Bleeding Gums Management in Cardiff

If you’re dealing with swollen or bleeding gums, scheduling an appointment with your Cardiff dentist is crucial. This step is essential for identifying the root cause of your gum issues and receiving appropriate treatment.

At Cardiff Dental, our goal is to make quality dental care affordable for the holidays and beyond.

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